Connatix API Overview


Connatix API is an interface that allows clients to connect, login and download predefined reports. 

The following tables lists the formats and conventions used when exchanging data with the API:

Method POST / GET
Headers  content-type: application/json
cookie: ConnatixAuth=<connatix_auth_cookie_value>
Body JSON object (property for each mandatory parameter)

Server responds with HTTP status code and JSON object with extra information in response body.

Status  HTTP Status Code
Headers  set-cookie: ConnatixAuth=<connatix_auth_cookie_value>
Body Empty or JSON object

You may encounter the following status codes as a response:

HTTP Status Codes
200 OK Request valid
400 Bad Request

Incomplete or invalid request, required parameters not supplied

401 Unauthorized Invalid credentials or request is missing authorization headers
404 Not Found Server could not find the requested resource

API Sections

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