Create an ad unit

The ad units section can be accessed from the menu on the left. 


The section will display the ad units created for your account. Based on their state, the ad units can be: active (green color) or inactive (red color).

Search for ad units

You can search for ad units by using the Search box. The results of the search will be displayed below.

Create an ad unit

Press the "Create an ad unit" button.

Fill in all the required information in order to create an ad unit as follows:

1. General Settings

               • Name: The name for the ad unit.

               • State: The state of the ad unit (active/inactive)

               • URl : The URl on which the ad unit will render. Select a site from the drop down list which includes the sites you previously set for your account. If you want to place the ad unit on a different site than those that are displayed in the list, use the "Add Site" button. For more details on this feature, read the article here.

               • Date Format: Choose the date format from the list. If you are not satisfied with the existing formats, you can choose the Custom format that leaves you the possibility to set the date format you wish, by using the JavaScript date format.

              Allow Skip Video Ads: Displays a "skip" button when an Ad is being played.

              Loop Through Content VideosAllows a Video Monetization type of creative to loop through it's videos when the creeative is not expanded.

2. Targeting

Targeting refers to the practice of attempting to reach a specific desired consumer audience.

The available options for targeting ad units are:

              • Geography: You can select the Country/Region desired for your Ad Unit.

              • Category: You can choose from the categories that match your website.


              • Device: you can choose to show the ad unit only on the devices you choose from the list. The available options are: Desktop, iPad iOS < 10, iPad iOS 10+, iPhone iOS < 10, iPhone iOS 10+, Android tablet and Android - Phone.

              • Time: You can set your ad unit to run only during specific periods of the day For example, you might set ad units to run only on Mondays, or from 2 to 8 PM daily. Red color stands for the periods of time the ad unit will not run and green stands for active periods of time.

3. Layout

In this section you will create the  structure of the ad unit, how the Ad Unit will look once it is rendered on the page. This section is described in detail here.

4. Grab Code

The ad unit will show up on your page only after you insert the Connatix script in the HTML code. Click the Grab button to copy the script to clipboard, then you can paste it in the desired location.

5. Save

Press 'Save' to save your ad unit.


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