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If the site is build up using WordPress, the Connatix WP plugin can be used for easier integration.

*Note: The below steps can be performed only if authenticaded in admin console.


Install Connatix WordPress Plugin

1. Navigate to the left menu, Plugins subsection.

2. Add New.

3. Search for Connatix.

4. Install Now.


Cnfigure Connatix Ad Units

1. Navigate to the Connatix plugin.

2. Choose Settings option. The settings page will display by default the "Add new Ad Unit" option.

3. Fill in the required input fields in General Settings.

i. Ad Unit Name;

ii. Public Token - the token provided by the account manager. It can be find on the connatix console, Grab Code section.

4. Choose the page/pages the ad unit should show up

i. Homepage - the ad unit will only show up on the homepage of your site.

ii. All Post Pages - the ad unit will show up on each article page on your site.

iii. In this section can show up any type of pages you have the system.

iv. The ad unit can also be set as a widget.

5. Create a blank article page in the system - without content, and enter here the link to this page.

The settings for each created ad unit can be edited from the right side menu.

The above steps apply for each ad unit you have on the console.

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