Add a Site

Sites section can be accessed form the menu on the left :

In order to add a new site to your account, press the 'Add Site' button.

A pop-up window will be displayed. Fill in the fields with the required information.



1. Title

         • the name for your website

2. URL

         • a valid URL of your website [e.g ]

3. Monthly Page Views

         • the number of expected page views you get on your page over the course of a month

4. Type of Site

         • the type of your site :

                 # Content

                 # Blog

                 # Images

                 # Videos

5. Language

         • the language of the site's content from:

                # English

                # Hebrew

                # French

                # German

                # Spanish

                # Italian

 6. Save

Press "Save changes" to save your new site.

The information of each of the existing sites can be edited by clicking the Edit button. The site can also be deleted.

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