You can access the Payments section from the menu on the left.

The payments section displays information about the amount of earnings the publisher will receive. The stats are split in two, displaying:

                  • Approved Payouts
                  • Pending Payouts

Approved Payouts/Pending Payouts

The first section, Approved Payouts, is shown by a graphic representation of the revenue data, in dollars ($), the publisher will receive for a certain period, once an Admin approves it. 

The second section, Pending Payouts, is also shown by a graphic representation of the revenue data, in dollars ($) and displays the pending payouts for your account, that have not been approved yet by an Admin.

Stats Table

Stats section shows, per month:

                  • Total Earnings: the earnings you should receive based on a month's period
                  • Approved Payment: the amount of money the admin has approved to be paid to you
                  • Payment Status: which can be Approved (approved by the admin), Pending (waiting for approval), Paid (paid by Connatix).

Stats data can also be exported in two formats available, Text or Excel, based on your preferences or can be customized by pressing the small window icon next to Export.


Payments section offers also a filtering option, possible by using one of the following two dimensions:

                 #1 Payment Statuses: Pending/Approved/Paid
                 #2 Date

By default, no filters are active and the active period is the current year, but you have the possibility of filtering data based on a selected month. Press "Filter" in order to update the Analytics.

Revenue payments are finalized at the end of each month.

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