What is the Console?

Connatix is a true native advertising solution for both advertisers and publishers looking to display branded content across web and mobile media properties in a real native way. We understand that publishers want their ad revenues to increase, while advertisers want their ROI’s (Return of Investment) to increase; and for both parties, user engagement is the key to success.

We're a true native solution. Meaning that all ad units embody an identical look and feel to whichever site they're displayed on. We exclusively work with branded content via video campaigns that open up in a slick video overlay box, as well as articles that render as editorial content in the site. 

Our scalable platform allows publishers to easily create native ad placements, and our marketplace connects them to thousands of brand stories from a variety of premium advertisers. Real-time matching ensures that only the most relevant content is displayed to each individual user.

Ultimately, everybody wins: Publishers maximize their revenues, advertisers get the most out of their ad dollars, and users enjoy the most personalized online advertising experience possible.

Console for Advertisers

Our Marketplace is a groundbreaking vehicle, enabling your branded story to reach a larger target audience by being placed as a story item on relevant publishers. Our advanced bidding system optimizes your campaign results and the price paid for view. Connatix offers multiple types of cost: per click, per impression, per viewable impression and per aquisition. By using our platform, you can retarget the users that were exposed to your branded stories.

Console for Publishers

We allow you to easily tap into a new monetization source while keeping the site clean. With our innovative solution, you can easily create a native unit placement for your website with a similar look and feel to other editorial content in your site’s news feed. Immediately begin displaying high quality branded stories from our marketplace.

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