Analytics Dashboard

This article will explain how to manage your Analytics data. Once you sign into your account, you will be redirected to the Analytics Dashboard. The Analytics Dashboard displays a graphical representation of Viewable Impressions, Views and Estimated Earnings based on the activity of your account.


Analytics can be filtered by the following dimensions:

              • Sites
              • Date
              • Sites URl
              • Ads
              • Layouts
              • Devices
              • Countries

Up to three filters can be added by using the '"Filter" button. Filters can be dismissed by using the small red X, located on the filter selected. Once a filter is dismissed, the Analytics data is automatically updated.

Use the "Filter" button in order to update the Analytics to display the selected data.

Analytics can also be filtered by data range. There are seven options available and the Analytics will be updated once you press 'Apply'.

Share data

One of our features allows sharing Analytics data. By inputting a name for the Analytics in the ''Please specify a name'' tab, you can share an URL, send the data by e-mail or print it.

Press "Save" in order to save the name for the Analytics data and to display the Share options.

Shared Analytics are updated in real time, based on the account's activity, but filters cannot be added to them.

Stats Table

The Analytics can also be reviewed based on the Stats table, located on the bottom of the Analytics page. All the columns in the table can be ordered ascending or descending, depending on the needs. The Stats table can be exported as a Text or Excel file, using the Export option.

The Stats table displays information about:

              • Date - Stats per day
              • Impressions - each time an Ad Unit was redered on the page
              • Viewable Impressions - each time an Ad Unit was actually viewable when redered
              • Clicks - each time the Ad Unit is clicked
              • Estimated Earnings
              • eCPM - effective cost per thousand impressions
              • CTR - click through rate
              • Shares - how many times the Ad Unit has been shared using the social buttons
              • Time spent - the time that passed from the click action

Stats table can be customized with the data you choose to display by using the window button.


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