Double Click for Publishers

Once your Site and Ad Unit are created you can move forward with the next steps, integrating the connatix code on your page and have a fully functional ad unit. Follow the below steps if you want to integrate the ad unit through DFP account.

DFP setup

1. Create Ad Unit

  • Define the ad unit size. The size can be set as desired, according to the content size.

2. Add an Order and Create the Line Item

  • Advertiser field should be set to  Connatix (Ad Network)
  • Inventory Sizes - select the size of your previously create Ad Unit
  • Add targeting  - target the ad unit you created at the previous step

3. Create the Connatix Creative

  • Type - Third party
  • Content - place connatix renderer script in the designated area and replace the Provided Connatix Token
  • <script async type='text/javascript' src='//' 
    " ></script>
  • Disable Serve into SafeIframe 

4. Generate Google Publisher Tag

  • Go to Inventory tab
  • Select Generate Tags
  • Target the Ad Unit you created at the previous steps
  • Follow the stepts in DFP to add the generated code to the correct location

Web Page setup

1. Add the generated GTP to the page

  • Document header - Copy and paste the tag in the <head> section of your HTML.
  • Document body - Copy and paste the tags in the <body> section of your HTML. Place each tag in the desired location of the associated ad unit.

2. Check integration

  • Navigate to the test page and check the ad unit is rendering correctly in the desired location.

3. Tips and Tricks

  • Pay attention the ad unit is targeted on your site
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