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If you need a passback for another Ad to be served in  when we are not having 100% fill, you can bind to the connatix_no_content event.

Use this below instead of the regular connatix script. REplace the below code into the Content area in the DFP Creative. Make sure you replace googletag.pubads().definePassback('/AD_UNIT_ID/AD_UNIT_NAME', [1, 1]).display(); with your generated Tag by Google. 


function bindEvent(element, type, handler) {
if (element.addEventListener) {
element.addEventListener(type, handler, false);
} else {
document.documentElement.attachEvent('onpropertychange', function (event) {
if (event.propertyName == type) {
<script type='text/javascript' src=''>
bindEvent(window.document, 'connatix_no_content', function(evt) {
googletag.pubads().definePassback('/AD_UNIT_ID/AD_UNIT_NAME', [1, 1]).display();
<script async type='text/javascript' src='//' data-google-click='%%CLICK_URL_UNESC%%' data-connatix-token='PROVIDED CONNATIX TOKEN' >
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