App Integration

App Integration

The following article tackles the issue of integrating the SDK into your app. In order to use the Connatix player SDK in native apps, it first needs to be imported and built into the app. Importing frameworks into native projects differs from one platform to another, so knowledge of specific build tools and dependency managers is required.



The iOS mobile SDK can be integrated and managed via the the CocoaPods dependency manager. Open the project's Podfile and add the ConnatixPlayerSDK as a dependency.



 pod 'ConnatixPlayerSDK', '~> 1.0.7' 


If you don't have the Cocoapods setup in your project yet, you will have to initialize it first. If you have questions about how to do that, please read this guide on how to get started. Next, open the Terminal and navigate to your project's folder.


 $ cd Path/To/Your/Project 

Run the pod install command to complete the step.

 $ pod install 



The Android SDK can be integrated into projects using the Gradle build tool, and Maven dependency manager.

In the projects's build.gradle file, add the URL path to the Maven repository.


Project build.gradle

 allprojects {
    repositories {
        // Path to Maven repo
            url ""


Next, in the app's build.gradle file, add the SDK as a dependency to complete the integration.

App build.gradle

 dependencies {
    implementation 'com.connatix.sdk:connatixplayersdk:0.0.2'


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